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NONI JUICE CONTAINS  many different compounds that are essential for the everyday workings of our bodily systems.   We are all deficient in most of them  which is why Noni juice helps so many people, with such varied and different complaints.

SCOPOLETIN:  has anti-inflammatory, anti-histamine, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties.   It lowers blood pressure and binds to seratonin to help regulate sleep, hunger, mood and temperature.

ANTHRAQUINONE:   controls infectious bacteria such as Staphylococcus aureus, E. Coli and Salmonella.

TERPENES:  help with cell rejuvenation.

PHYTONUTRIENTS AND SELENIUM:  provide protection against free radicals.

XERONINE:  has been proven to normalize cell function in abnormal cells.   Dr. Heinicke did an experiment to prove this theory.   He took mice and injected them with the deadliest toxin known to man, called tetrodotoxin.   This toxin is from the puffer fish.   He injected this toxin in the first group of mice and they all died in seconds.   He then injected the second group of mice with the toxin along with a dose of xeronine.   None of the mice died.   Although obviously morally bankrupt, his methods proved that xeronine neutralized the imbalance created by the toxin.   This explains why Noni has such success with auto-immune disorders and cancers, because these are conditions where cells are functioning in an abnormal way.   Caffeine, morphine, cocaine, heroin, codeine and nicotine all contain junk forms of zeronine, completely in-active in the plant in which they were manufactured.   They manage to fool our proteins into accepting them because of their resemblance to active xeronine, a compound our bodies crave…daily…Xeronine is discussed in detail overleaf.


The ingredients found in Noni are also found in some other plants, but to find them all together in one plant and in such rich concentrations is an amazing discovery.   Noni effectively has more applications than any other natural health product on the market!   In South Africa where 45% of the population has AIDS, the government has been studying Noni Juice with amazing results.   In clinical trials, Noni Juice increased the immune function of patients by 700%!!!   32 Universities in 17 different countries have studied Noni Juice in the last few years.


Noni Juice also has the ability to restore the functions of the endocrine, or hormonal system.   It does this by feeding the pineal gland (the “first” gland of the body situated in the middle base portion of the brain) xeronine, the pineal gland’s main food and something it certainly doesn’t get enough of.   The pineal gland regulates all of the glands beneath it.   Building up the Pineal gland  has a beneficial effect on most, if not all of your bodily systems;


People with a low functioning Thyroid gland will not feel as tired and will see improvement with their dry skin, hair loss and constipation.   Strengthening the Thymus gland will increase the production of anti-bodies and T-cells and help protect us from viruses, cancers and infections like yeast (candida) and parasites.   The Pancreas has two functions, digestive and hormonal.   One substance made in the pancreas is called bicarbonate.   This substance is responsible for neutralizing stomach acids and as such virtually eliminates digestive problems.   Another function of the pancreas is to release the hormone insulin, essential in the regulation of blood sugars – diabetes, hypoglycemia.   The Adrenal glands secrete hydrocortisone, which greatly relieves symptoms from inflammatory diseases like arthritis.   The adrenals are also responsible for controlling blood pressure.


Last, but not least are the male and female sex organs.   These organs produce a lot of hormones, so when their function increases many changes are seen.   Women get relief from PMS and menstrual cramping, bleeding is regulated and some women with fibroids have reported shrinkage.   Men too have reported the shrinkage of enlarged prostate glands and tumours that are present in the prostate.


The Noni tree is the only tree in the world known to produce blossoms all year round.   The Noni fruits curious flower cluster consists of a short stalk bearing many closely packed blossoms in various stages of development – tiny green buds, small while tubular flowers, and the remains of former flowers which have already enlarged into fruits.   As the entire cluster continues to mature, several dozen single fruits unite into one large collective fruit similar to the construction of a pineapple.   Its large glossy leaves are reminiscent of its relatives, gardenias.  

Discovering Xeroxing:

Noni juice contains a high concentration of a very large molecule called proxeronine, which is changed inside the body into an essential cell regulator called xeroxine.

Here’s how it works:  

You drink the Noni Juice. (Seems obvious Eds Note)   The proxeronine from the juice passes through your stomach into the large intestine where it is then transported to the liver.   The liver releases just the right amount of proxeronine into the blood stream where it is distributed throughout various tissues in the body every two hours (by the way, its these semi-hourly releases of proxeronine that is responsible for what physiologists call biorhythms, or periodic increases in mental and physical alertness).

Once proxeronine is released from the liver, it is changed into the active cell regulator xeronine through a series of chemical reactions involving an enzyme called proxeroninase.   Once zeronine is created, it combines with the proteins in your body to allow them to perform their work.

Proteins are very large molecules made up of chains of amino acids globbed together.   They have several jobs:

Xeronine enables protein to function By:

Attaching to a specific site on the protein.

Directing movement and structure of protein by deriving energy from water.

SUMMARY:     The food we eat provides the body with proxeronine;  the proxeronine is transformed into xeronine in the body and the xeronine combines with protein to allow it to perform its various duties.   Without a proper supply of xeronine, your proteins would not be able to function and you would not be able to survive.   While proxeronine is ideally supplied to the body through our diet, there are many reasons why people don’t get an adequate supply in the food they eat:

Soil depletion:  and inadequate fertilization techniques – In order for a plant to have a healthy supply of proxeronine, the plant must be healthy itself, this just isn’t the case with our mass produced food.

Over processing:   All the processing that our food goes through destroys many needed nutrients including proxeronine.   Some synthetic vitamins are added back in, but not proxeronine.

Illness and disease:  When something is wrong with the body, a greater strain and workload is put on the proteins in the body.   In order for proteins to work harder they must also have an increase in the production of xeronine to enable them to work.   In order to increase production of xeronine, more proxeronine will need to be supplied to the body.

Old age:  The body becomes less efficient as it gets older, a person that is older will require more of all nutrients than they did when they were younger in order to function at the same level.   Proxeronine is a vital nutrient, essential to maintain proper bodily function as age increases.   If an adequate supply of proxeronine is not provided, the proteins are not able to supply the work that the body needs to function properly.   When proteins do not function properly, our immune system is stalled and sickness and disease result. The fruit of Morinda Citrifolia (Noni) contains the greatest concentration of proxeronine of any fruit in the world.

Noni Juice has changed the way the medical community looks at alternative medicine.   The networking company that first brought it to the market place has become the fastest growing MLM company in history.


– Transplants   I have been a type one Diabetic since I was a teenager and I had my first of two kidney transplants 12 years ago.   I would like to tell you what Noni Juice has done for me.

I started taking Noni juice on Saturday, September 15. 1996.   Almost immediately, I felt I had more energy.   I was sleeping less time a night, my sleep was more restful and I had more energy during the day.   I have not experienced a temperature or touch sensation in my feet for more than 15 years because of neuropathy.   After taking Noni juice for three days I felt coldness in my feet and I could also feel the carpet and floors in my home.   I have had Arthritis in my hands the past few years which as been getting worse.   The swelling in my fingers and hands has gone down and the redness around my joints has disappeared.   I am not experiencing pain form the arthritis anymore and I can even open jars again.

I have blood work done regularly because of my transplants.   For the first time in more than 12 years my creatinine level is normal.   The doctors determine how your transplant is doing by the creatinine level in your blood.   All the other levels they test are also excellent and have not been this good since before my first transplant.   The only think I am doing different is taking the Noni Juice.   I am excited to be feeling so much better and I am thankful to the people that introduced me to Noni Juice. Ren O. Smith

  Sinus and Ear problems.

For several years I had really bad sinus problems, also my right ear seemed plugged up.   I couldn’t hear out of it very well.    After about three days on the Noni I got up in the morning.   When I sat down my left nostril cleared out and then my right nostril.   Then my right ear popped really loudly and I could hear from it once again.   I also had a bad sleeping problem.   I spent half the night reading.   Now I sleep really well and I feel great.   I’m totally sold on Noni. Norma Yerby

Heart Patient

My husband is now 87 years old.   Twenty seven years ago he suffered a massive heart attack at which time the doctors said he would not live for more than a year at best.   With good home care, proper dietary supplements and lots of food supplements we have kept him with us all these years.   However, his heart has never been strong and with age he developed congestive heart failure and has been under constant care of his doctor and in and out of hospital.

Recently, he developed what many heart patients and diabetic patients develop – very poor circulation in his feet and legs and even beginning in his hands.   His feet were badly swollen and almost purple in colour.   Then he started to develop had sores on his feet and legs.

We have taken him to five different doctors – two of them specialists.   All of them said it was very serious and this sort of thing could lead down the line to amputations.   All they recommended was bed rest and when he was sitting up in a chair to elevate his feet.   They all  took the same attitude – old age, congestive heart failure and poor circulation, there wasn’t much they could do for him.

In desperation we decided to put him on Noni with doses of a quarter of an ounce every few hours throughout the day and also during the night if he was up and awake.   We kept him on this dosage for two weeks and also soaked cotton in Noni and taped it on all of the sores – changing these every evening.

Within two weeks all of the swelling and discolouration was gone and his feet and legs looked normal, also all of the sores were completely healed.    We now have him down to an ounce to two a day and he feels and looks simply wonderful – is busy and active again and driving the car, shopping and living quite a normal life.

We are so happy and relieved to think we have found an answer to many problems.   He no longer has arrhythmia or water retention and his heart seems better than it has for many, many years.   We would highly recommend this wonderful product to anyone with heart or diabetic problems who are having the same problems.   It would certainly be worth trying to see if it would help them as much as it has my husband.  Mrs. Lee Pitchford

Dialysis Patient

My husband Melvin is a dialysis patient, three times a week, four hour sessions.   When he started on the Noni juice he did not have any energy, he did not even feel like eating.   The second day he was on the Noni juice he ate a large breakfast and had more energy.   The rashes disappeared in three days.   His dialysis time was reduced to 15 minutes after being on Noni juice for two weeks.  Gladys Hackwell

Angina Pains

Two weeks back I received a bottle of your “Hawaiian Noni Juice.”

For seven years I have been suffering with Angina after a heart attack and also since May, 98, Arthritis in my knee and leg muscles.   After taking Noni for two days;   3 times a day, double dose, the pain left my knee and leg muscles and I was able for the first time since May, to walk quite a distance without trouble.

As for my heart, with one artery completely failed, another artery 90% congested and the third 73% again, taking the dosage and using nothing else, within four days my breathing improved and I could also go from a centrally heated environment out into very cold, frosty atmosphere, without Angina pains, or having to use my spray, something I have not been able to do for several years, and so walking for three or four hours with no discomfort.   The bottle only lasted two weeks, but the benefits were fantastic and I would state that Noni is the best health product that I have ever come across.   Please feel free to phone me to see how I am progressing.  Dr. Essex:


In my vetinary practice I incorporate both traditional and holistic animal medicine.   I first heard about Noni juice 10 months ago and I was sceptical, but decided to order a case anyway.

The day the Noni arrived, my aunt called from France and told me her daughter was dying of AIDS.   I sent Noni to her that day.   Noni helped my cousin so much I decided to give it to my immediate family.   It helped my wife’s chronic fatigue syndrome (M.E.) and Depression and my son’s debilitating headaches.   It eased my own Arthritis pain and Asthma.

The results were so dramatic for my family that I decided to use it on the four legged patients at my clinic.   I have given the Noni to over 2,000 animals and more than 90% of the time the animals have responded well.

Noni is not only wonderful for alleviating pain, it is also anti-histaminic,  anti-helmintic,  anti-inflammatory, analgesic and anti-carcinogenic.   It strengthens, the immune systems ability to fight viral infections.   Noni heals and rejuvenates, controls vomiting, counteracts poisons and stabilises animals that are in shock.

It takes care of the inflammation associated with joint problems, arthritis and fractures.

Noni juice also helps organs heal more quickly, reverses neurological disorders, helps spinal cord injuries and enables animals to recover from comas more quickly.   I no longer need to use painkillers, muscle relaxants or steroids on my animals.

I’ve had some dramatic cases of animals being helped by Noni.   One owner accidentally ran over his dog because it was sleeping under the car.   The dog had several bad fractures in his body.   I put him on Noni and after a few weeks he had completely healed.   When I saw the dog again, it was hard to tell that he had ever had any major fractures.

Another dog had been hit by a car and was suffering from severe internal injuries.   I immediately started him on fluids, including Noni.   His conditions stabilised very quickly so that I could operate.   When I cut him open, I found that all of his internal organs had been ruptured, but the Noni stopped the internal bleeding.   The dog made a complete recovery.

I have found that Noni is the most wonderful substance a doctor can use in this line of work.   In all of my 35 years of practicing traditional and holistic veterinary medicine, I haven’t seen any product that is as versatile as Noni juice.  

If I was banished to a remote island and could only bring one health product with me it would definitely be Noni.  Dr. Gary Tran


  Take on an empty stomach for maximum absorption and follow with half a glass of Pure Water.

  Normal dose (minor this and that’s):   you may want to take 1 to 2ozs per day.

  Bothersome, but not life-threatening health concern:  you may want to take 3 to 5ozs per day

Chronic or acute health concern:  If your condition is life threatening you may want to take a “loading dose” (1 full bottle) followed by half a bottle daily for 10 days and 6 to 8 ozs daily thereafter.

  Noni juice is a great detoxifier and as such a “healing crisis” may occur.   You may experience loose stools, increased thirst, gassiness, headaches or pimples.   If this happens, drink plenty of water and reduce your dose slightly.   Smoking or drinking alcohol or caffeine just before or soon after ingestion will cancel/lessen the benefits of Noni Juice.

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