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Alf Orpen
Founding Director

Organic & Natural Enterprise Group Pty Ltd


With a background in Mechanical Engineering, Alf completed his training in precision die tooling for can manufacturing equipment. In 1988 Alf commenced his commercial life in the organic/health food industry and currently serves on the board of six companies, both in Australia and the USA. Over the past six years Alf has had extensive business experience in South East Asia, Japan, UK and the USA, and has overseen the launch of several 'organic enterprises' in these countries. His main responsibilities have been to identify and execute new opportunities in the international health industry. He currently serves on the board of the BFA, a cooperative of over 800 organic farmers and represents all organic certifiers alongside producer, wholesaler, retailer and consumer group representatives on the Organic Federation of Australia board.

Alf as a Founding Director of Organic & Natural Enterprise Group is responsible for the corporate strategic positioning and planning procedure. In addition he is ideally suited as the Director in charge of new products.

To read a recent article from Alf Orpen entitled, "Business must continue…. but not as usual.", 

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A growing number of people are becoming increasingly selective when making buying decisions. Price is becoming less important than reading ingredient labels, examining the type of packaging used and asking about the manufacturing process. Consumers are showing concern for their health and the environment. They want change.

What sort of change? Consumer trends express a need for change in both manufacturing procedures and product content. However, I think there is much more being asked for. Recently, the economists from the World Bank, when reporting on the depleting world’s ecology (on which our economy is based) said, “only a change of heart will suffice”.

It is a common cry of many scientists and economists that within the next 20 years we must implement a strategy to create an ecologically sustainable world and business is the most powerful vehicle to expedite that outcome.

We are rapidly moving towards a time when advertising budgets must have the dual effects of product promotion and social education. Every business decision must consider future generations. Business is like water – it has to keep moving to remain useful – if it stands still too long, it stagnates and goes into liquidation. Water shows us that to fulfill our business goals, we must not only advance but also benefit society. I sincerely believe this to be the true nature of business.

The successful business of the future will have a far greater vision than its own survival. Part of that vision must involve education, for it is through education that business can make its greatest impact.

The ‘education’ of society, is the responsibility of every body that interacts with it, be it social or corporate. The question is ‘How is it possible for business to educate society to have a healthy, wholesome life?’

We must redefine our goals. Do any of us really want to go to our graves simply knowing we have succeeded in our particular field of endeavour or do we want to leave a legacy, having made a worthwhile contribution to the future growth of our industry, our country and our children and our planet?

ONE Organic & Natural Enterprise Group, because it is a people business, can make a significant contribution to achieving a healthy, ecologically and economically sustainable world by pooling real power, people power. Together we can bring about change and make a real difference.