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Certified Organic - Australia

An Amazing NEW Home Based Business Opportunity in the Fast Expanding World Wide Certified Organic Industry

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Pure Natural ACO Organic FOOD GRADE Skincare products at up to 40% off retail - Ask Us How

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100% Synthetic-Chemical-FREE Organic Products

Buy Our Amazing Organic Products at 40% discount - Ask How

The Market
The Products
The DirectorsExceeds Australian and New Zealand Organic standards
Why Miessence Organic
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Exceeds New Zealand and Australian organic standards

Online ShopUSDA Organic Certification exceeds Australian and New Zealand standards.

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How Safe is YOUR Bathroom - How safe are YOU and YOUR Loved Ones?

Be Safe Use 100% Synthetic-Chemical-FREE Certified Organic Products
Buy Our Amazing Organic Products at 40% discount - Ask How




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Geoff Goldie

Independent Distributor - Miessence Organic Natural Enterprise Group - Australia/New Zealand/USA/Canada/Europe and Asia

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Organic Movement  Back to Top

Certified Organic standards exceed Australian and New Zealand standards

Certified Organic does not just mean 100% Synthetic-Chemical-FREE, its about the whole system; Soil, Plants, People & the Environment Back to Top

The organic movement began at the same time as industrialised agriculture. It evolved through the 1950s and 1960s with the launch of such books as Silent Spring by Rachel Carson, which exposed the toxic bio-accumulative effects of pesticides.

  • Through what is now termed bio-magnification, synthetic chemicals used in agriculture have been found to increase in concentration through the food chain.
  • During the 1970's the development of the organic market was stimulated by growing consumer interest in health and nutrition and the increasing awareness of the importance of preserving the natural environment.
  • More recently the movement has been given significant impetus by events such as outbreaks of Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy (BSE or Mad Cow Disease), and the controversy of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs), which have motivated people to search for healthy alternatives.

"I thought the responsibility of every generation was to receive the earth from our ancestors and to pass it on to future generations" - David Suzuki  Contact Us

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The Organic Market  Back to Top

Huge organic market in Australia and New Zealand

The organic industry has achieved compounded growth of 23% per annum for seven consecutive years, while the natural and organic cosmetic sector is growing by a massive 30% plus per year. Back to Top

The Miessence Organic Natural Enterprise Group PL leads the world in 100% Synthetic-Chemical-FREE Skin Care and Health Care products

Sales of organic products in the US reached US$6 billion, a rise of around 19% from 1999. This growth has sustained itself over through to 2007 and the organic segment is now worth over US$19 billion.

New Zealand
Research across seven European countries, found that organic spending would nearly double over the next 5 years. By 2015 around 50% of European people will have chosen to use organic products on a regular basis.

The Japanese are the largest per capita consumers of organics in the world and are substantial importers of organic products. Japan had a national market value exceeding AU$1.5 billion in 1998 and has a current estimated value of over AU$6 billion.

Recent market research has shown that the demand for organics is growing rapidly worldwide. Organic Natural Enterprize Group, through its cutting-edge research and development continues to release dynamic, healthy, first-to-market innovations in the organic sector.

Organic Miessence Group plans to capture a significant share of this booming organic market over the next 3 years.  

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The Certified Organic Products  Back to Top

Complete range of Certified Organic skincare and healthcare products to New Zealand and Australian standards

Products of unrivalled purity in a booming ethical industry, marketed through a unique and versatile business model.

New Certified Organic Business Opportunity Australia The world's first certified organic skin, body, hair, oral and health care. Developed in Australia, the Australian based Miessence Organic Group range of products is independently certified by Australian Certified Organic (ACO) and the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA Organic) to the highest international FOOD GRADE standards.

New Certified Organic Business Opportunity Australia The Intellectual Property for all skin, hair, body, oral care and cosmetic products is owned by the Miessence Organic Group, and the entire organic range is produced in-house. Miessence Organic Group has also been awarded an Australian Federal Government grant to develop the world's first organic color cosmetics.

New Certified Organic Business Opportunity Australia Legal requirements are being implemented internationally for organic products, which create an exciting window of opportunity for the Miessence Organic Group Representatives.

Products that contain absolutely no synthetic chemicals are exactly what today's health-conscious consumers are seeking.  Contact Us  Back to Top




The Directors  Back to Top

Absolutely pure organic skincare products to Australian and NZ standards


John Hunter

Narelle Chenery

Alf Orpen

....John started his Network Marketing career in late 1982 when, with 2 friends, he started Herbalife in Australia. Over the next 7 years, John, with his background in accounting, publishing and computers, helped establish a number of companies both in Australia and the USA....


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"Education is the key to empowering consumers to see through the 'green-wash' of slick product marketing to recognize products for what they really are. Misleading labels and clever advertising relating to organic content often mask the use of potentially toxic ingredients, which seriously undermine the integrity of the organic claim."

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"It's a common cry of many scientists and economists that within the next 20 years we must implement a strategy to create an ecologically sustainable world and business is the most powerful vehicle to expedite that outcome. The ONE Group business model is a dynamic way to create positive change whilst building a business."

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New MLM Compensation  Back to Top

An amazing home based business in the Organic field for Australia and NZ

"The richest people in the world look for and build networks, everyone else looks for work."- Robert Kiyosaki

New Certified Organic Business Opportunity Australia The Miessence Organic Group Compensation Plan was designed to encompass the very best elements of traditional Network Marketing programs while eliminating their shortcomings so that anyone that is serious about building a home-based business can achieve their goals. Back to Top


New Certified Organic Business Opportunity Australia Achievable Rank advancement.

New Certified Organic Business Opportunity Australia Low monthly maintenance (approx US$80) to receive bonuses.

New Certified Organic Business Opportunity Australia Preferred Customers and Representatives order directly from the Company.

New Certified Organic Business Opportunity Australia Substantial discounts, 10% - 40%, depending on the size of the order

New Certified Organic Business Opportunity Australia International Seamless Compensation Plan

New Certified Organic Business Opportunity Australia Fast Start Bonuses paid DAILY, Retirement Bonuses Pools paid MONTHLY.

New Certified Organic Business Opportunity Australia Builder's Pool, 3 Rank Pools

New Certified Organic Business Opportunity Australia Time to enjoy your rewards

The Miessence business model has been designed to incorporate the best elements of Network Marketing and Direct Distribution, combining ALL forms of direct sales such as Party Plan and Word of Mouth.

The foundation is in the Network Marketing model, which allows people the best opportunity to create wealth with very little/no financial risk. The Organic Miessence Group model, however, goes much further with lucrative rewards for Business Builders that establish organizations with infinity over-rides paid over entire groups.

Register your interest to find out more about our Compensation Plan.

The wonderful part is that all these methods can and do co-exist and, in fact, flourish together

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Why Miessence  Back to Top

Perhaps the best Organic products available in Australia and NZ

"The goal of organic is to have the smallest impact on the environment and offer the greatest benefits for people - that's vital." - David Suzuki 

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The world's first certified organic skin, body, hair, oral and health care. Developed in Australia, the Organic Natural Enterprize Group range of products is independently certified by Australian Certified Organic (ACO) and the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) to the highest international food standards.

New Certified Organic Business Opportunity Australia Timing - The organic opportunity is real and the time is right for you to embark on building your own independent income. An income in the future that will continue to grow and be paid to you month after month even when you stop working. Being involved in one of the fastest growing industries in the world and starting an enterprise from home with enormous world wide potential, backed by an ethical company with the experience and the most pristine products on earth is not a dream for you.

New Certified Organic Business Opportunity Australia Quality Cutting edge products - The Miessence Group is leading the world in the development of certified organic skin, body, hair, oral, cosmetic and health products.

New Certified Organic Business Opportunity Australia The Organic Miessence Group - has created products of unrivalled purity that achieve results people talk about. All the products are 100% guaranteed and 100% Synthetic-Chemical-FREE

Reward for effort

New Certified Organic Business Opportunity Australia Miessence - offers a Network Marketing Compensation Plan that is fair, yet aggressive, and recognises and rewards Representatives for genuine effort. The retail price of all products is realistic and affordable.

New Certified Organic Business Opportunity Australia State of the Art Computer System - Organic Miessence Group has developed its own state-of-the-art software programs that deliver the information our Members need to enable them to run their businesses.

New Certified Organic Business Opportunity Australia Giving Back - The Australian based Miessence Group is proud to support the efforts of the David Suzuki Foundation, a scientifically based, solution-orientated environmental fund. Since 1990, the David Suzuki Foundation has worked to find ways for society to live in balance with the natural world that sustains us. Focusing on four program areas - oceans and sustainable fishing, forests and wild lands, climate change and clean energy, and the web of life - the Foundation uses science and education to promote solutions that help conserve nature.

Making the world a cleaner, healthier place is not something we can do once and then forget about. It's an ongoing process that has to change with the times.


Ask how to get started NOW


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