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AutoShip and Business Protection Orders

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Lifestyle Members ordering our Organic Products online will be entitled to receive up to 20% discount. (Conditions apply) See discounts below.


Business Protection


Customers: To encourage people to use online ordering facilities and thereby saving substantially on costs, the company gives generous online discounts to anyone who buys online and becomes a Lifestyle Member. When a customer places an order for $150 or over, they automatically become a member of a special buying group which gives them access to guaranteed 100% synthetic-chemical-FREE safe non-toxic Certified Organic products direct from the manufacturer in Australia at wholesale prices (20% off retail) and with FREE shipping if the order is over $150 for Customers. Register Now

Discounts are as follows


Pay full retail - shipping $9.95


Lifestyle Members

Initial order of $150 qualifies for 20% off and FREE shipping

Ongoing orders 20% off

Free shipping if ordering over $100 when on AutoShip


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Many people opt to have their monthly consumables sent on AutoShip which is an easy way to ensure your family never runs out of the normal everyday items like toothpaste soap, shampoo, hair conditioner, and other normal household and personal care products used monthly.

As the name suggests AutoShip is sent automatically to the address you register with. AutoShip or (Business Protection for Representatives) is an easy way to ensure that a Membership is active and eligible to receive the full discounts applicable. The company has made a point of keeping the cost of products at a very competitive level, while also making sure that regular monthly orders are not excessive. Consequently, the monthly commitment is just 75 Points which equates to around $85 to $100.

If a Customer or Representative opts for AutoShip, they receive an immediate 20% off the retail price of all products. By signing for AutoShip, the Lifestyle Member is committing to a regular monthly order. The monthly order will be sent out on the 5th, 10th, 15th or the 20th of each calendar month depending on the date of joining.

AutoShip orders are sent out regardless of the ordering activity by the Member during the month. This is why most customers opt to have their normal consumables sent each month automatically and can order extra products to add to the order if they need them. The contents of the AutoShip order can be changed in the members area of the website up until the day before the order is due for dispatch.
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Business Protection for Representatives

If a Representative signs on for Business Protection, they will receive an immediate 20% off the Retail Price of all products.

By signing for Business Protection, a Representative is committing to receiving an order of at least 75 Points on the 25th of every month if their monthly PV to that date does not exceed 75 Points. This ensures the Representative does not lose accrued credits and bonuses for the month. If the Representative orders over 75PV for the month then the Business Protection order is not sent.

Lifestyle Members are advised to place an AutoShip order rather than a Business Protection order. However, you can register for BP as a Lifestyle Member if you would prefer to only have the order sent if you forget to order or your ordering activity falls below the 75 Point threshold.

The content of an AutoShip or Business Protection pack can be changed by the Member in the Memberís Area of the website up until the day before the AutoShip or Business Protection is due to be run on the computer.
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