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Geoff Goldie has been recognized for reaching the top rank in his chosen MLM/Network Marketing company in a record time and is regarded by some in the NM field as an expert on Internet/Network Marketing. He has achieved success by being ever ready to support and help his team to grow through duplication.

His number one goal is to ensure every personally sponsored person has the best possible support thereby helping people new to the Network Marketing industry to reach their own goals by teaching proven methods that have worked successfully for Geoff in the past and continue to work today.

Geoff's business experience dates back many years to the mid sixties when he established a profitable agricultural spraying and contracting business in the Taupo region of NZ. In the mid 70s he moved to Australia and set up a concrete pool building company in Northern NSW called New England Pools, which grew to be one the largest pool building operations outside of the Sydney metropolitan area and employed upwards of twenty people in the busy times.

As the pool company grew he saw the need to establish a ready mix concrete company capable of batching concrete on site for the remote area contracts that were commonly won by NEP in North West NSW and in Southern Queensland. 

Due to a period of bad ill health ultimately caused by organophosphates in sheep dipping chemicals and dioxin in agent orange chemicals Geoff had been exposed to as a young man with his agricultural spraying and sheep dipping business in the 60s... Geoff moved on from the pool and ready mix concrete business in the late 80s.

Geoff spent six years in North Queensland Australia gold dredging and electronic prospecting in Northern areas of Australia. Gold dredging was a wonderful stress free life but once the gold was found it never grew back. Each year that went by meant there was much less of it to be found and he realized he had to do something else with his life.

It was during this period in the 90s he was exposed to Network Marketing and subsequently joined a large American company that gave him an insight into an entirely new way of doing business that offered virtually unlimited potential.

After a period learning the ropes Geoff realized that the first mover opportunity was long gone with this company that did things the American Way, and for him to do really well with it, it was going to be a long hard slog. So he decided to opt out of the company completely. He subsequently moved to the UK and spent six years there. He joined another networking company called Lifestyles in the UK and became a National Marketing Director with them.

Geoff returned from the UK to Australia in late 2003 and set about assisting in building a large team in a new Certified Organic Company called Organic Natural Enterprise Group. Through his efforts, combined with other Networkers, the company grew at a very fast rate to where he had over 15,000 people as customers and reps in his team.  Company growth hit 2500% in the first year Geoff was involved with them thanks to his efforts and many others involved in building the business at the time.

At the time of writing, he had personally found and recruited more Reps and Customers than any other single Rep in the Certified Organic Network Company he helped to build during this formative period.

In more recent times he helped to establish a network for a fledgling company in Australia and NZ and became a Triple Diamond Director with them as he assisted with the growth of the business. Currently he is building a team in India, perhaps ironically, with a GOLD COMPANY.

Today, Geoff is still active in both companies and continues to find Customers and Distributors and supports his teams.

Geoff puts his own success down to effective lead generation and implementing systems that have enabled downline Reps to ensure duplication occurs in their own businesses, thereby creating their own success.

A key to successful downline growth is to use systems that anyone can plug into. Although online systems do work and are very effective at filtering through people, the main driver in any Network Marketing business is a persons self determination to make a success of their new venture by helping others to succeed!

If others can be multi million dollar earners in the Network Marketing industry then YOU can be too as long as you have the drive to succeed at it and you implement the right tools and system.

To your success - Best wishes.... Geoff Goldie

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