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Look at this gold MLM opportunity in India. Establish a secure life for you and your loved ones



Gold network marketing business opportunity India for a secure life


Gold network marketing business opportunity India for a secure life

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What is the best and simplest way to build a legal MLM Business in India?
How to invest in pure GOLD online legally and safely with a Network Marketing Company?
How can I buy physical GOLD online in India with an MLM opportunity?
What other GOLD options are available online to Indian Network Marketers?

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Starting a gold network marketing business in India is a sensible step towards a secure life

Many Indians and people all around the world for that matter, view gold as a rock solid investment in their future and for a secure life.

However, the problem for many Indian people is being able to buy 999.9 (24 karat) pure gold at a reasonable price when purchasing in small quantities from local gold dealers.

Consequently they often turn to buying jewellery and in most cases pay well over the value of the gold that is in jewellery.

It has been very difficult for Network Marketing entrepreneurs in India to be able to buy gold at something close to the market value of the gold in the past.

That is now changing for the better for the people involved in the Network Marketing industry.

Oftentimes the gold bought is double the price they would pay if able to purchase pure gold from a trusted source like the Perth Mint in Australia or via Kitco online in Canada.

These are just two of the reputable suppliers of gold and coins in small single gram lots right up to 1 kilo gold bars. However, do expect to pay far more than gold price if you only want to buy a very small amount and have it shipped to you in India.

No doubt there are reputable suppliers of pure gold in small quantities in India, but how do you really know if they are 100% trustworthy?

Will they guarantee delivery of your gold to you after you have bought it? Will it somehow disappear in the mail? Can they really be trusted to sell at a price that is fair to you and and give guaranteed delivery?

It begs the question... Is gold a really good investment option if you have to pay double the price as many people seem to do when they purchase through less than honest dealers? Buying gold through jewellery outlets isn't the best way to buy either as the gold often ends up being double or more than the current gold price that is being charged by our recommended Network Marketing company

Starting your own gold network marketing business in India will make a secure future life for you and your loved ones

Sure, that lovely gold necklace looks really beautiful on you but what purity is it? What would it really be worth if you had to sell again if things got bad for you?

To give you an idea, the average gold jewellery is 14 carat. Which means it has quite a high silver content to make it more durable.

However, you will find that you are paying at least the minimum gold price for the item even if it is only 14 carat gold.

 If it was melted down and sold as gold, the value would be way below what the current gold price is because of the silver content in it.

You know... it's your money you have earned with your sweat and hard work. So you need to think carefully before spending your hard earned cash, when buying over priced gold jewellery items from a shop or gold dealer. That's if you want to make it a long term investment for your future from your gold.


Why do so many people in India purchase gold?

What are the benefits of investing in gold for Indian people in general?

Learn how to buy 24 carat gold through a Network Marketing Company

There are several reasons why it is indeed very wise to invest in gold.



A gold MLM business in India will more than keep pace with inflation and secure your life by storing wealth for the future

Over time the value of money is eroded severely by inflation.

You just need to look at what an ounce of gold would buy a hundred years ago and compare it to what an ounce of gold would buy today.

If you were to use as an example of what gold was worth in US Dollars a hundred years ago in 1917 and then see what the same value of that dollar would be today, you would quickly appreciate why gold is such a good long term investment for your future and that of your family and loved ones.

In July 1917 gold was worth US$20.67

In 1917 a loaf of bread cost just 7 cents

a dozen eggs cost 34 cents

a quart of milk cost 9 cents

a pound of steak cost 26 cents.

So an ounce of gold at $20.67 would buy 295 loaves @ 7 cents per loaf of bread back then.

Work out for yourself how many litres or quarts of milk or pounds of steak you could have bought with your one ounce of gold in 1917.

Now if you had saved your $20.67 for a hundred years in a safe place, well, how many loaves of bread would you buy today with $20.67?

About THIRTEEN if you were to buy really cheap mass produced white bread which is probably nothing like the wholesome GMO free and chemical free bread of a 100 years ago.


Gold network marketing business opportunity India for a secure life and future wealth
If someone had lived long enough and saved an ounce of gold for 100 years, it would now be worth US $1250 dollars (at time of writing) and it would now buy over 600 loaves of white bread.

An ounce of gold today would buy 271lbs of beef steak in the US. Compare that with $20.67 if you had saved the cash under your mattress for a hundred years... gosh it would buy just 4.5lbs or two kilos of beef steak today.

There is no contest!

Gold retains it's value in the real world regardless of what fiat money does.

Obviously there are very good reasons to invest your money in gold to protect your savings from being eroded by inflation.

Buying gold as an investment is absolutely worth it because it is THE BEST AND SAFEST HEDGE against long term inflation AND you can now buy it in small increments when you purchase it via this GOLD Network Marketing Company which is supplying over two million clients now world wide.

Want something a bit different to Gold?

Don't look at this if you want something for nothing.

Over a long period of time, as the above figures show, gold has more than kept pace with inflation. It has significantly increased in buying power when comparing the buying power of a dollar from a hundred years ago.

Essentially... the return on longer term gold investment is well in line and in fact well above the average rate of inflation in India.

A gold opportunity in India to secure your life with your own MLM home business

A second reason to invest in gold in India is to balance the massive movement downward that equity markets suffer from time to time.

Everyone who had money invested in the stock market would recall what happened in 2008 as the stock market crashed and fell of a cliff.

It sent investors into bankruptcy all around the world.

Of course those that had a good percentage of their money in gold were laughing all the way to the bank as the gold price rocketed upwards as the stock market bottomed out.

Many people lost the shirt off their backs and have never recovered since. The gold bugs of course made a huge killing if they sold off at the top of market when it hit almost US$2000 per ounce

So gold in your Network Marketing Business portfolio will help reduce the potential for volatility in rough times and give much more security and peace of mind when other Networkers are having difficulty growing their teams.

So is buying gold through an MLM program a good investment?

A resounding YES is the only answer an astute investor could make.

So in the short term is it profitable to invest in gold?


Well it depends on how short the term is. You may get some staggering returns on gold if you were to buy during the dips that occur as they are at this point in time as I write this in February 2017.

If you had bought gold in 2010 and kept it for less than two years you would have made over 100% on your investment if you sold it 18 months later when gold peaked. It's all about timing if you are looking for short term gains.

On average gold increases at about 10 percent per year which puts it on a par with real estate as an investment for the long term. However, just like real estate it can have swings both ways depending on market forces.

An opportunity to secure your life with this gold MLM company in India

History always repeats itself so don't be surprised to see another huge movement upwards in the gold price if anything happens in the world economy that shakes the foundations of the fiat money capitalists in the world.

In my own opinion, I would be extremely surprised to see any substantial downward movement in the price of gold because of the huge unrest that is occurring throughout the world in the overblown debt ridden countries and markets.

If you want to invest in gold and want to make extra money just by buying gold and referring others how to buy gold the gold from this Network Marketing Company, we show you how! It becomes a very profitable exercise indeed for Networker to do this because gold is such a well respected investment proposition in India.

Many are making incredible monthly gains of a 100% or more on their initial investment outlay. In fact some are reporting gains of over 200% per month in the first six months of using the Network Marketing principles we teach you with this new to India company.


Want something a bit different to Gold?

Don't look at this if you want something for nothing


The pros and cons of buying gold jewellery

India has an age old fascination and tradition in regard to buying jewellery as opposed to gold bars or gold coins. There are many disadvantages as far as an investment in gold is concerned in regard to jewellery. It's not wise to buy gold jewellery as an investment. You will easily pay double or more than what the actual gold price is.

Investment in gold coins and gold bars

Gold MLM business opportunity India

Purchasing gold coins and bars is a far better option compared to gold jewellery. The problem is in India, where do you buy legitimate gold coins and gold bars from a reputable honest dealer?

Yes... no wonder so many people opt to buy the expensive gold jewellery rather than risk buying coins and small bars of gold from an unfamiliar and untrusted source.

The latest most trustworthy way to buy 999.9 pure gold is now available online in India.

You can buy any quantity from a single gram upwards and have it delivered to you by courier and it is fully insured by this Network Marketing company.

The company, based in the UK and in Switzerland, actually pays you to refer others to buy gold from them. In fact it can be extremely profitable for you to refer others. To reward you they will give you more gold for your referrals. How good is that?

Tell a few other people how they too can buy small lots or large lots of gold, and suddenly you find that your gold referral fees are starting to mount up in the form of more gold in your account. You can convert your money to gold at anytime just by selling back to the company at the current gold price

Sounds too simple and perhaps too good to be true does it not?

Well unless you actually get the full story on how this gold Network Marketing opportunity actually works and how much money you could make from it... then you will never know what you have missed out. Miss it... Regret it Forever!

So make sure you ask us exactly how people in India are making substantial monthly income in Network Marketing using pure gold as the prime mover for their business.

You know... banks sell gold coins and bars at premium prices, but they wont buy it back. The Network Marketing gold business I described above will buy it back from you at the current buy price of gold.

How good is that? A no risk investment that could start you on the path to financial freedom not only for you but for your family too.

You could also buy gold in an ETF which is short for Exchange Traded Fund.

But could you trust them. A gold exchange traded fund is a type of fund which invests in digital gold and the units of this mutual fund scheme is listed in the stock exchange. They may not actually own any physical gold. You don't see the pretend gold and you can't have the pretend gold sent to you, because it may well, not even exist.

It's just figures in a computer for most of these electronic trading system they set up. There is often little or no tangible gold held by the ETF. When it's all boiled down it's a massive con because there is nowhere near enough REAL gold to fill all the digital gold orders in the world when you factor the Forex currency market into the equation.

Many people think they own gold but it's just smoke screen. They supposedly own digits in a computer. They don't even own them when the system collapses at some time in the future... and don't be in any doubt about that, it will when people start asking for their physical gold

Work from home and secure your life with this gold mlm business opportunity in India

I don't know about you, but I would like to be able to see my gold and to hold it in my hand, if I wanted to.

So if you like buying pretend gold as figures in a computer somewhere, by all means go ahead and buy digital gold through an ETF or through a Forex currency broker somewhere.

You will probably get burnt sometime in the future with the schemes some of the financial people come up with.

Not my cup of tea and probably not yours either I'm guessing.

It begs the question... Would you trust someone else to keep your gold safe when you don't know them from a bar of soap?

A resounding NO would have to be the answer to that!

There is all sorts of ways to buy digital gold in the world via Gold Funds and on the Forex Currency market. You know, none of the gold is real. You never see it. You are buying thin air.

If times get tough those funds and currency brokers just shut up shop and rip the profits out before you get your digital gold out in paper or digital money. They have no gold stored so you can't get gold delivered to you. Sob sob!

You see the trouble is they never had the gold to start with. It's actually a huge global con and one that any sensible sane person would never get involved in as far as a rock solid investment in REAL GOLD is concerned. The saying all that glitters isn't necessarily gold is very true.

So... lets just forget about the pretend gold that doesn't exist, except as digits in computers. That's for the HIGH RISK takers not the long term Network Marketers who see the value in REAL GOLD.

But by all means go ahead with Forex gold trading or buying through foreign ETFs if you have a very big appetite for very high risk trading.

As far as a gold investment is concerned how much of your capital should you put into gold?

The simple answer to that is around 20% of your net worth should be allocated to gold. If you own genuine 99.999% pure gold and it is stamped as such you can sell that any time you want to and you will be paid what the buy price of the gold is on that particular day.

So that is why buying certified pure gold, of absolute 999.9 purity is the most important way to buy and hold your gold. It can be sold for the gold price whenever you want to sell it.

So to answer the questions posed at the top of the page click the button below

What is the best and simplest way to build an MLM Business in India?

How to invest in pure GOLD online and build a Network Business?

How can I buy in physical GOLD online in India with an MLM business?

What other GOLD options are available online to Indian Network Marketers?

Don't miss this opportunity to secure your life with gold now

Want something a bit different to Gold?

Don't look at this if you want something for nothing


Gold Jewellery Shops India Hammered by Law Change


Empty gold shops in India - Secure your wealth buy gold online and store it outside of India


NEW DELHI: The cash crunch following the withdrawal of high-value notes by the Indian government contributed to a sharp fall in gold demand in the world’s second biggest consumer of the yellow metal last year.

Gold demand dropped 21% to 675.5 tonnes last year from 857.2 tonnes the previous year due to demonetisation and increased scrutiny of large jewellery deals in cash, the World Gold Council (WGC) said Friday.

It said Indian demand faced a raft of challenges throughout the year, including regulatory changes, culminating in the surprise demonetisation policy, which severely hampered demand in both the jewellery and retail investment sectors.

“In spite of resilient consumer demand in the fourth quarter of 2016, the two leading gold markets, India and China, both experienced a drop in consumer buying in 2016, falling 21% and 7%, respectively,” the WGC said in a statement.

Jewellery demand in 2016 was down by 22.4% to 514 tonnes compared with 662.3 tonnes in 2015.

Jewellers in many parts of India shut their shops for many days to avoid raids by tax authorities looking for high-value deals by people trying to convert their currency hoard into gold.

On Nov 8 last year, India made all 500-rupee (US$7.40) and 1,000-rupee notes invalid and issued new currency notes of 500 and 2,000 rupees.

The move was seen as an attack on unaccounted wealth and shadow economy.

People were given 50 days to deposit old currency notes into their bank accounts.

The country is still experiencing the shock of that decision, with most businesses reporting significant fall in retail sales.

With inadequate banking facilities, rural India and small towns have been the hardest hit.

Weddings, which account for a big chunk of India’s gold sales, were disrupted.

The World Gold Council expects the market to remain weak in 2017.

“The Indian market faces a challenging time in 2017. We anticipate many of the headwinds that affected demand in 2016 to continue into this year.

“But we are confident that the government’s move towards a more transparent gold market will ensure that gold remains an important asset class for millions of people in India,” said Alistair Hewitt, head of market intelligence at the WGC. - Bernama





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