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This website has been set up without links to any other non related website. This is an information website provided for ALL iGalen distributors who want a safe place to send interested people to who want more information. The person who lands here will NOT be led away to a distributor website where they may register under someone else.

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The iGalen Pre-Launch Party with 2-Time Nobel Prize Nominated Scientist - Dr Ahrens

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This website is for informational purposes. There is no link to an individual iGalen Distributor website.

Statements made on this website and made in the videos found on this website are for information purposes and have NOT been evaluated by the US Food and Drug Administration

iGalen products are not intended to diagnose, treat or prevent any disease.

As with any weight management or supplementation program, consult your healthcare provider before beginning your regimen, particularly if you have any existing health concerns. Always read the directions first.

Weight loss results and blood sugar decreases as mentioned anywhere within this website may not be indicative of YOUR results.

Your personal results depend on many factors including your diet and the amount of exercise you do and how religiously you take your supplements and what manufactured un-natural foods you're eating at the same time.

To earn money from your iGalen Business you need to sponsor two people. One person on the left and one on the right.

If you wish to retail the product to customers you can purchase the products at up to 35% off retail price dependent on the starter pack you initially purchase..

Your earning potential as an iGalen Distributor is entirely up to you and depends on your own effort in gathering new Customers and introducing new Distributors to iGalen in your team.

A successful iGalen Business requires effort and dedication as well as training to make it work and to make decent residual income.


The product names Emulin C and Emulin M are trademarks of iGalen and must NOT be registered as part of a domain name

Distributors who register a domain name which is a derivative of iGalen or Emulin and publish a website under that domain name to make it appear as though it is a company website or sanctioned by the company will be terminated.

If a domain name containing iGalen in it is registered and then masked and pointed to the replicated company website to make it appear as though the company website is owned by the same person who owns the masked domain name, they too will be terminated because of very specific rules in the Policies and Procedure Doc.

Distributors will be subject to immediate termination if illegal domains continue to point directly to an individuals replicated website or their own illegal website they have created.

Examples of illegal domain names:


Read clause 5.3.11  in the Policies and Procedures Doc  BEFORE registering a Domain Name.


5.3.11 - DOMAIN NAMES - Distributors may not use or attempt to register any iGalen trade names, trademarks, service marks, product names, the Company name or any derivative thereof, for any Internet domain name.


Read clause 2.5 - THE RULES OF CONDUCT FOR IGALEN DISTRIBUTORS in the Policies and Procedures Doc carefully before proceeding with your iGalen Business.


In part it says...

"A Distributor shall promptly notify iGalen of any circumstances which may arise whereby the integrity or reputation of iGalen products or iGalen is threatened. In any such circumstances, the Distributor shall cooperate fully with iGalen and undertake all reasonable instructions given by iGalen to limit any damage to iGalen and/or to iGalen products."

It's very important to operate within the rules as outlined in the Policies and Procedures manual or risk having your distributorship terminated for breaking the rules.

The rules are there to protect the Networkers and the iGalen company from unethical operators.


iGalen Policies and Procedures PDF Doc

iGalen Compensation Plan PDF Doc