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Organic Natural Enterprise - Miessence


John M. Hunter
Founding Director

Organic & Natural Enterprise Group Pty Ltd


John was born in Sydney, Australia in 1948. He moved to Canberra with his parents in 1953 where he was educated at Canberra Grammar School.

From 1964 - 1966 he studied accountancy before joining the Australian Army to become a topographical surveyor. He spent 12 years in the Royal Australian Survey Corps from 1966 - 1978. During that time, John served in Vietnam from 1967 - 1968 and New Guinea from 1971 - 1974. Following his resignation from the Army in 1978, John started Monarch Publishing, which he sold in 1982.

John started his Network Marketing career in late 1982 when, with 2 friends, he started Herbalife in Australia. Over the next 7 years, John, with his background in accounting, publishing and computers, helped establish a number of companies both in Australia and the USA. It was during his time in California that he took up the sport of Triathlon, finishing 5th in his age group at the 1987 Californian State Titles.

In 1988, John returned to Australia to continue participating in triathlons. In late 1989, he was approached by Barry Mower to help establish Neways (then Images) in Australia. As Managing Director, John also established the New Zealand operations in 1990 and was responsible for the restructure of Malaysia in 1992 and England in 1994. In July 1994, John was invited by Tom & Dee Mower to go to Provo, Utah to take up the position of CEO of New Ways Inc. John, his wife Connie and their two daughters moved to Utah in September 1994 and took up residence in Provo.

In March 1995, John resigned his position with Neways. Over the following two months, he was contacted by a number of prominent Network Marketing Companies, with a view to having him join their corporate teams. In May 1995, John accepted the position of President of N/A/T/O (Networking Alliance for Today's Opportunities) which was based in Vancouver, Canada. While with N/A/T/O, John was responsible for establishing markets in the USA, Taiwan and Australia.

In 1997, John was persuaded by a group of prominent Distributors to establish a Company called Life Dynamics. Over the next 2 years, Life Dynamics conducted operations in the USA and Australia where it took over the ailing Life Earth Corporation (LEC). In November 1999, Life Dynamics was sold to Kaire Inc., a USA public company.

John and his family returned to Australia in early 2000 and established themselves on the Gold Coast in Queensland. In June 2000, the owners of a Utah based Network Marketing Company called The Brain Garden asked John to formalise the establishment of the Company in Australia and become its Managing Director. John stayed with the Company until October 2001 when they parted company due to differences in management style.

At the end of 2001, John met the owners of  Miessence, Narelle Chenery and Alf Orpen. He was very impressed with their range of Certified Organic products. In July 2002, following lengthy discussions, John launched Hygeia, a Network Marketing Company utilising the  Miessence range and a Certified Organic probiotic with which he had a long-standing involvement.

In February 2003, after further talks, it was decided that  Miessence and Hygeia should join forces to promote Certified Organic products to the world through the well proven network marketing system.

Organic and Natural Enterprise Group Pty. Ltd. - Organic Natural Enterprise was born.

Founding Directors -

 Alf Orpen    Narelle Chenery

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