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This document gives an overview of the USA and other major Organic markets in the world, the potential, the competition and strategies to be implemented in relation to our line of ACO Certified Organic natural cosmetics skin care baby care, health care and body/personal care products and our new Organic SuperFoods range.

This is perhaps the best and most significant and genuine MLM opportunity currently available in the world. Anyone wishing to establish an ethical home based business in the fast growing Organic Industry and earn residual income is welcome to enquire further.


Please note that due to advertising restrictions, the Certified Organic MLM company name is not used, nor the names of the products or any trademarks, are used in this document or on this website.


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Certified Organic Business Opportunity Contents

 The Organic Industry Profile

 The Organic Customer Profile

 Certified Organic Group - Member Profile

 The Pricing Profile for Certified Organic Products
 The Market for Certified Organic Skin Care and Cosmetics
 The Organic Products - Skin Care - Cosmetics - Body care
 The Competition
 The Marketing Strategy
 The Schedule
 On-going Growth of Organics
 Risk Analysis
 The Marketing Plan
 Online Distributor Support

CERTIFIED ORGANIC - Natural Cosmetics - Organic and Natural Skin Care - Organic and Natural toiletries - Organic and Natural body care - Organic Superfoods - ALL products Certified Organic - 100% Synthetic Chemical FREE


The Organic Industry  Independent Distributor Website

Certified Organic Business Opportunity The USA, Europe (EU) and Japan dominate the current world trade in natural unadulterated certified organic products. Demand for organic and natural products by aware consumers which meet organic FOOD GRADE standards is growing rapidly in ALL the major markets of the world.

It is estimated certified organic food sales will exceed 8% of all total food sales by 2012

Current growth of the Certified Organic Market Retail sales (USD$B)

Europe 9.2B - 23%

USA 9.4B - 22%

Japan 3.1B - 21%

UK up 38% (on 2006) Back to Top

With the advent of mechanized farming and the introduction of agricultural chemicals into everyday farming practices in the 1960s and 1970s the public started to become aware of potential health risks associated with common long lasting organo chlorine pesticide chemicals such as DDT. Later, powerful neurotoxic organo-phosphate chemicals such as dieldrin and malathion and many others, started emerging and used in ever increasing quantities on our foods. Increasing consumer awareness to the dangers of chemicals by writers like Rachel Carson "Silent Spring" focused the world attention on the potential dangers of the long lasting organo-chlorine compounds of the time. Attention brought to bear by activists like Rachael Carson stimulated public outcry by many concerned people and spawned the fledgling organic industry. An industry based on a platform of 100% Synthetic-Chemical-FREE produce.

Further impetus has been given to the organic movement in more recent times due to the occurrence of BSE (Mad Cow Disease), contamination of our fish stocks with mercury and PCBs and the raging controversies surrounding Genetically Modified (GM) foods and the cloning of animals. As if this wasn't enough, contamination of skin care, cosmetics and personal care items and many waterways with dioxins, di-butyl phthalate and PTF (teflon) - powerful carcinogens and gender bending chemicals - has further increased public awareness to the onslaught of chemical contamination of our waterways, cropping lands and foods and ultimately the contamination of our bodies and even more worrying, the contamination of our children before they're born.

Mainstream supermarkets of all the developed countries, were quick to recognize the niche market for Certified Organic chemical free produce and committed themselves to stocking genuine certified organic products and produce, to satisfy an ever-increasing public demand. Action by the large retailers, has significantly increased and focused public attention on many of the problems associated with chemical laced mainstream foods and products. Foods which may be and often are, contaminated with potentially harmful long lasting toxic synthetic chemicals. 

Supermarket backing of the Certified Organic industry has created a substantial and fast growing niche market. Aware consumers, keen to buy a complete range of organic grocery products, grown and produced without synthetic chemicals and fertilizers, can easily access them from supermarket shelves in most developed countries. In some countries, USA in particular, complete supermarket chains are devoted solely to the selling of organic foods.

A major secondary factor was the introduction of uniform Certified Organic standards for food production. Organic certification for food production is covered in Australia by the Biological Farmers of Australia, in the USA by the USDA, Japan by JAS and in the UK by the Soil Association.   Back to Top


Certified Organic Business Opportunity Natural and Organic Products - The Consumer

After the second World War dramatic growth was experienced throughout most of the world in the global population. The "Baby Boomers" - children born from 1945 through to 1965 -  started turning 50 in the mid-1990’s. The "Baby Boomer" phenomenon has been directly responsible for many major market trends as the "Boomers" reached pivotal points in their lives. The property market and health and fitness are just two of the major markets this group of 1 billion people have helped to fuel on the way. With the first of the "Boomers" turning 50 in the mid 90s they are now turning to and demanding foods and health products which will not compromise their health and will help to maintain their vitality and youthfulness. 20% of consumers overall are already committed to buying what they perceive to be natural products. As the public becomes more aware of labeling inconsistencies, hype and "green washing" in the market place, an ever increasing number will turn to and ARE indeed embracing the organic concept and insisting on Certified Organic products which are not compromised in any way with toxic chemicals.  Back to Top


Certified Organic Business Opportunity Certified Organic - An Ethical MLM Home Based Business without ANY Compromises

Our Certified Organic Company business model is attractive to people wishing to break free of stress related jobs and the rigors of modern day business. Disenchanted business people, professionals and blue collar workers alike, are seeking ways to earn a comfortable living from home. A way to break free of time clocks and travel which virtually all jobs in the world entail. They want to be involved in an ethical industry renown for its integrity. Our Certified Organic Business Opportunity not only offers flexibility of working hours, virtually unlimited residual income potential for the future, but unique products officially certified as being safe, natural and organic - 100% free of ALL synthetic chemicals by the most respected certifying body in the world, ACO - Australian Certified Organic. ACO certification for skin care is to FOOD GRADE standards and easily exceeds many of the compromised organic standards in place for skin care and cosmetics, of virtually every other Organic Certifying body in the world. Expansion into the vastly increasing overseas markets is also a very attractive choice to entrepreneurial individuals wishing to build on the ever-increasing global trend towards organics. Back to Top


Certified Organic Business Opportunity Competitive Pricing - Organic Makeup and Skin Care Products

For a business to survive, it must provide services and/or products in demand at prices that are competitive in the market place. By offering a complete Certified Organic skin care, makeup baby care and health care product line, at a similar price to a "natural" product, is already ensuring our Certified Organic chemical free skin care products are the best value money in the rapidly expanding global marketplace. Favorable exchange rates with most of the major world markets gives this Australian company and the Independent Representatives in the marketing organization, a very competitive edge over most, if not all our competitors!

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Certified Organic Business Opportunity The Certified Organic Market

The current trend in natural personal care is toward safe and natural organics and currently

Our Company has...

THE first and still THE ONLY complete range of legitimate Organic skin care products, which have passed the USDA Certified Organic audit and are made to FOOD GRADE standards as defined by ACO and USDA Organic.

With legal requirements being established internationally for organic products, an exciting window of opportunity is open for MLM Home Based Business operatives and Independent Network Marketing Distributors over the next three to five years.

In April 2002, the Soil Association in the UK released its new organic standards for body care items. As of August 2002, the same also applies in Japan. In both those markets, once again our company has THE ONLY legitimate CERTIFIED ORGANIC products made to FOOD GRADE standards which easily meets and exceeds the requirements for these countries.

From 21st October 2002, due to a United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) ruling means our company has

THE ONLY skin care and cosmetic brand that could legally use the USDA Organic Logo for food grade standards on its packaging for the complete skin care product line through to 2005 when USDA Organic Standard for FOOD GRADE requirements was due to be removed. However, due to public outcry against the removal of Certified Organic FOOD GRADE standards for skin care, the Certified Organic status for skin care was renewed by the USDA. Our company remains the first and THE ONLY company with a complete line of Certified Organic skin care products at the time of writing!

This equates to not just a significant advantage, but a massive marketing advantage over any competitors in the existing "natural" and "organic" marketplace. The illegal use of the USDA Organic certification in advertising and on websites and/or on products carries a mandatory $10,000 fine. This is the reason you will seldom see our competitors display the USDA Organic logo unless they have been able to pass the FOOD GRADE standards for their skin care range. The first mover advantage our company and marketing organization has gained, by developing uncompromised synthetic chemical free products and by passing the USDA Organic FOOD GRADE audit, will reflect in substantial financial rewards for entrepreneurs wishing to take full advantage of this massive and unique, global network marketing opportunity.

Worldwide, the AUD$55 Billion organic industry has grown at a rate of 23% per annum compounded for the last eight years. In the USA during 2009, 8% of all new food products introduced into the market were Certified Organic and this trend is continuing; yet the organic sector currently makes up only 1.5% of food sales in the industrialized world. Last year the Soil Association of the UK reported a massive 38% increase in Certified Organic sales for the United Kingdom Back to Top

Globally, sales in the personal care market including "Natural" Personal Care reached USD$132 billion in 2006 and is growing at 1.6%. In the USA alone, the entire Health and Beauty Care market is almost USD$47 billion and is experiencing 3.4% growth. In contrast, the trend towards natural ingredients is running through every segment of personal care with sales in the USA in this area, reaching USD$2.5 billion in 2006 and growing at 8%. This segment is expected to grow 6% - 7% annually over the next few years. Back to Top

The company's Certified Organic product range is really a lifestyle extension for those already consuming and using organic products and/or for those who want pure, environmentally conscious green products. The Independent Goldie Marketing Group is currently focusing on expansion into the USA and in particular California. California is the world’s 7th largest economy. What are now known as the National Standards for organics in the USA, were originally known as the “Californian Standards”, indicating the major influence California has had on the certified organic industry in the USA and the level of interest in organics in this major US State.

The US market for organic products exceeds US$11 billion per annum over 40% of which is in California. As a clear indication of the substantial market for organics in Southern California, many Organic/Natural retailers have monthly sales of USD$1 million monthly. 

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Our Organic Company and the Independent Goldie Marketing Group plans to capture a significant share of the world market for genuine organic natural products in the next three to five years of operation.


 Certified Organic Business Opportunity Certified Organic Products... Developed in Australia;

Our Organic range of products are independently certified by Australian Certified Organic (ACO), a wholly owed subsidiary of the Biological Farmers of Australia (BFA), to the highest possible international FOOD GRADE standards.

Currently having the world’s FIRST completely legitimate certified organic cosmetics, skin care, body care baby care and health care products creates a significant marketing opportunity for The Company AND the Independent Business Partners.

Products that are guaranteed to contain absolutely NO synthetic chemicals are exactly what today’s health conscience consumers are seeking. In addition to the 70 products already developed, the company was awarded an Australian Federal Government Grant of AUD$110,000 to develop the world’s first certified organic cosmetics, which includes lip cremes, mascaras, blushes and foundations etc. This new exciting range was recently launched and has given the Independent Distributor Network an extra boost to their sales. The Intellectual Property for all skin, hair, body, oral care and cosmetic products is owned by "The Company" and the entire cosmetic and skin care range is manufactured in-house in modern (fully Certified Organic by ACO) manufacturing facilities capable of producing up to 500,000 plus units per month.

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Certified Organic Business Opportunity Competition Organic/Natural Market

The marketplace for "Organic" and "Natural" products is intensely competitive. The line between "natural" and conventional (synthetic chemicals) personal care has become blurred, with mainstream health and beauty care companies and prestige cosmetic companies now selling products with some ingredients historically only found in the aisles of health food stores. Many mainstream manufacturers of personal/body care products use botanicals and some are now using a few organic ingredients and selling them as pseudo "natural" and/or "organic" products. This is compelling evidence that our company is progressing in the right direction at the right time. The Independent Goldie Marketing Group, believes that the deliberate strategy implemented by the Company of educational Internet/Network Marketing, together with a far superior completely legitimate organic and natural product line, provides the right mix to successfully penetrate the extremely fast growing certified organic/natural marketplace in the USA, Canada, Europe, United Kingdom and all other recognized organic markets in the world including Japan. 

Annual Sales of the Major U.S. "Natural" Personal Care Companies Back to Top

$40 - $50 Million - Levlad Inc. (Natures Gate) Aubrey Organics

$30 - $40 Million - Tom's of Maine

$20 - $30 Million - Burt's Bees, Jason Natural Cosmetics

$10 - $20 Million - Kiss My Face, Dr. Bronners, Zia Natural Skincare, Dr. Hauschka, Avalon Natural Products Inc., Frontier (Aura Cacia

$5 - $10 Million - Abkit Inc. (Camocare), Giovanni Hair Care, Borlind of Germany Inc., Rachel Perry Inc., Reviva Labs Inc.

$3 - $5 Million - Desert Essence (Country Life), Better Botanicals, Orjene Company Inc. Masada, ShiKai, Weleda Inc., Pure and Basic Products, Ecco Bella Botanicals, EO Products, Hain Celestial Group Back to Top

Source: Nutrition Business Journal


 Certified Organic Business Opportunity  Global Marketing Strategy

PUBLIC TALK CAMPAIGN – to attract both Customers and Representatives.

Internet Marketing Campaign - to attract Internet/Network Marketing Entrepreneurs

Public Talk Campaign - Company

A series of Public Talks is proposed by the company at various venues around the USA and other major markets similar to those already being conducted in Australia. These talks currently attract between 10 and 80 people. Around 20% of attendee’s begin with a Fast Start Pack soon after the event.

Internet Promotion - Independent HallGold International Marketing Group

As aware consumers seek out safe and non toxic personal care products, more often than not they start their search on the Internet. It is the Independent HallGold International Group's intention, to maintain a very high profile in the search engines for keyword terms that surfers use to find suitable organic products. In addition to consumers looking for safe and natural organic products, we will also be capturing a significant share of the large number of people looking for a viable and ethical home business opportunity. The marriage of certified organics and the Home Based Business Model will hold great appeal to many people seeking a more relaxing and financially rewarding lifestyle compared to the ever increasing grind and stress of working for someone else.

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Certified Organic Business Opportunity The Schedule

2010 through to 2012

  • Initial market entry into the US

  • Attract & train leaders

  • Establish a customer base

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Certified Organic Business Opportunity Ongoing Growth

Through the implementation of its unique network marketing system, company sales have increased consistently year on year since February 2003. Company executives believe the momentum can also be achieved in overseas markets after an initial “start-up” period as new distributors take up the opportunity. The Independent HallGold International Group has enjoyed substantial growth of up to 40% per month since embracing this Home based Business Model and taking on the marketing of this elite business opportunity.  Back to Top


Certified Organic Business Opportunity Risk Analysis... Risk Strategy

Sales projections may prove wrong. The projections are based on conservative figures of a very well-researched marketplace with tried and tested products - so it is considered a minimal or non existent risk.


Being a new market entrant. Provided there is a significant point of difference, a new market entrant can capitalize on being ‘new’ and in fact gain a significant advantage over established business opportunities.


Supply deficiencies occur. The company has the capacity in their NEW manufacturing facilities to grow by a 1000% on current production without needing to expand into larger premises. The company has also identified a minimum of two Certified Organic suppliers for each ingredient used in the manufacturing of the products. It is not envisaged that a supply problem will occur due to the following points.

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Company policy

  1. To buy from the source rather than through distributors as volumes continue to increase

  2. To identify at least two sources of supply for each certified organic ingredient

  3. To establish exclusive supply arrangements with key suppliers.

Evolving international regulations:

As is currently the case – The Company intends to stay abreast of all international regulations in the organic industry. Competitive “certified organic claim” Emphasize third party logo requirements & traceability. Back to Top


Certified Organic Business Opportunity Summary

International expansion is already underway with online ordering facilities now in place for the USA, Canada and the UK and many other countries which will have products sent direct from the company factory in Nerang Queensland Australia. If you are interested in participating in the USA expansion and the overseas expansion activities, please complete the FREE Online Application form and submit it so complete details can be supplied to you. With the advent of FREE international shipping and the opening up of International Seamless sponsoring into any country, the Goldie Marketing Group envisages rapid growth from this point onwards. Back to Top


Certified Organic Business Opportunity The Marketing Plan

The Company  and the Goldie Marketing Group believes the most effective way to move superior organic natural products into the market place is via a Distributor Network Organization. The compensation plan is set up as a multi step plan with a large payout of 25% on the first level (calculated on the net wholesale price or Business Volume) and a further 15% on the second. Qualifying distributors are paid down to the fifth level with provision for generous leadership bonus over-rides and the opportunity to share in a worldwide retirement pool. Approximately 70% of the Business Volume (BV) of the product is available to the distribution network with various incentives and intermediate rewards. Complete details of the plan are available on request. CLICK HERE for more details. Back to Top


Certified Organic Business Opportunity Online Distributor Support

The www.health-report.co.uk and www.hallgold.com and www.hallgold.net websites are frequently visited by consumers with a keen interest in safe non-toxic personal care products which are free of potentially toxic and dangerous synthetic chemicals. Consumers are turning to the Internet to source safe natural and organic body care products which means the traffic received on all three websites is almost 100 percent targeted, resulting in a very large number of regular and genuine enquiries for safe certified organic products and importantly, many very targeted enquiries for the Business Opportunity.

The Geoff Goldie Marketing Group have developed an online duplicable system that distributors can tap into and learn from as they go. Seamless sponsoring into most countries, will enable entrepreneurial Independent Distributors to build an International business without any of the previous restrictions normally encountered by International sponsoring in most of the pre-internet Network Marketing  companies.

Network Marketing using the power of the Internet to generate customers and business opportunity leads is THE NEW generation of networking. At the moment we are concentrating on opening up the USA/Canadian market and the UK market in 2008 as well expanding the Australasian market. Other markets such as Europe and Asia will follow once the company is well established in the existing English speaking markets.

We are currently seeking three key people in any country to help handle the constant flow of customer and business leads we generate. The UK market is in the pre-launch phase now and we are inviting expressions of interest from experienced networkers in the UK and Europe. It is important from a business builders point of view to register ASAP to ensure you are on board with this ground floor opportunity as we establish the network across North America and then into the United Kingdom and then the world. This is a 5 year plan we have in place to ensure the members of the Geoff Goldie Marketing Group have a significant slice of the International Organic Market for Skin Care and Health Care products.

If you have a keen interest in safe natural organic products - would like to use them - an established work ethic and would like to earn a substantial income whilst working from home - it is important you make contact with us as soon as possible. The Marketing Plan is structured to reward Distributors with a first level downline of three wide. All spillover goes downline to the key people who are prepared to work the business.

It goes without saying this business requires hard work and it is not a get rich quick scam like you will find littering the Internet. We are proud to be able to make the following disclaimer.

It is illegal for a promoter or participant in an MLM trading scheme to persuade anyone to make a payment by promising benefits from getting other people to join a trading scheme. Do not be misled by claims that high earnings are easily achieved in any MLM or Network Marketing business.

For anyone to achieve high monthly earnings from a home based business requires work and persistence. If you don't have these qualities then this business is not for you.

Please seek out the "Get Rich Quick" scams which abound on the Internet. Read Internet Scams

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Sources of Information Back to Top



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