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Network Marketing and The Organic Industry

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What is Network Marketing?

The secret of successful business today is distribution

All businesses are trying to get closer to the customer. Network Marketing Tip

The customer is "king" and the secret to success is to know what the customer wants and how best to service those needs. Leading this new customer revolution are the direct selling companies set up as Network Marketing operations. Network Marketing is a major force in the Direct Shopping world as it uses the power of a Marketing Network of independent people to move goods and services into the market place.

The best opportunity we have to create an independent stream of income is through Network Marketing and the BEST opportunity in the world is looking YOU in the face... RIGHT NOW!




There are basically three types of Network Marketing organisations you could join.


Residual income from network marketing  Multi-Level-Marketing MLM which is more the Direct Sales form of Network Marketing whereby the self-employed Networkers (called Distributor or Consultants) purchase product at wholesale from the company and sell the products on directly to customers for a retail profit. Oftentimes this system allows the Distributor to appoint other Distributors in specific areas so that the master distributor ends up with a one or two tiered organisation beneath them. In many ways it is like a retail/franchise operation where the Distributor can sell only within a specific area determined by the MLM company. However, there are many variations of the MLM model used by different MLM companies.


Residual income from network marketing  Referral Marketing is the newer form of Direct Marketing, whereby the self employed Networkers (often called Representatives, Associates, Executives or Business Partners) build a network of interested and like minded people, but do not need to buy the products to sell directly to others to make a retail profit. The products they buy, are generally for their own and for their family's personal use. The Representative, can then simply build a customer base, by referring others to buy directly from the company online.


The company sells the service or products, directly to the customer the Representative has recommended to buy from them. The Representative is automatically paid a referral bonus or customer commission, on the customer's monthly purchase of the services or products. Referral Marketing is Network Marketing in it's purest form. It suits the entrepreneurial people, who want to start a Network Marketing Business, to earn ongoing residual income in the future.


Because Referral Marketing takes the onus off the independent Representative to purchase a large monthly qualifying order of products, it means it also caters for those people who are happy to earn, a few hundred extra dollars or maybe a $1000 plus extra each month. This can be done relatively easily by simply referring customers to buy directly from the network company. The Representative is supplied with a replicated e-commerce website by the company, which automatically locks customers into them when they order products direct from the company.


Residual income from network marketing  Party Plan or Home Presentations is often used in conjunction with Network Marketing to boost customer sales. This is an excellent way for a Network Marketing company representative to build up an initial customer base to provide instant income. Read more about the Party Plan approach.

Whilst earning money from customers is profitable, the driving force behind Network Marketing is the enormous potential to develop a Marketing Network of like minded Representatives/Distributors, all of them selling to or referring customers, from whom you will earn commission on the total sales within your own network organisation. To the Networkers, commissions are the major profit centres changing a Network Marketing opportunity with a fairly limited basic income from retailing, to an explosive career opportunity with virtually unlimited income potential.


For Networkers - commissions or bonuses are THE Major Profit Centre


Why Should I Join a Network Marketing Business Back to Top

Residual income from network marketing MONEY: Money has it uses and most of us would like some more of it! Network Marketing offers a very rewarding way in more ways than one of earning extra income.


Residual income from network marketing DISPOSABLE INCOME: Most people who who become Networkers are part-timers looking at a way of improving their lifestyle. Network Marketing empowers people by increasing the average person's lifestyle money or disposable income


Less  Insurance, mortgage, car payments, pension etc
LessDay to day vital living expenses, food, schooling etc
LeavesDisposable or Lifestyle Income

If we were to assume an average household income of $4000 per month in the USA or Australia most people would admit that over 90% of their income is spent on vital expenses which gives a small amount left over each month . This means the average household would have approximately $400 of disposable or lifestyle income each month.

The power of Network Marketing lies in the ability of the average person to easily double their disposable income in less than six months. (Many do it within their first month by gathering customers initially)

What in effect this means, is Network Marketing can effectively double the spending power of the average family's disposable income.

Residual income from network marketing BIG MONEY: Whilst it is very true that Network Marketing can easily double the lifestyle income the average family has spare at the end of the month it is also equally true that networking can provide HUGE entrepreneurial incomes to business minded people. Reputedly, the largest Network Marketing income is around $28m per annum. What is truly amazing, is the fact that a residual income, even of this magnitude can continue to grow exponentially, year after year without any further input by the recipient. In fact, sometimes the recipient of these huge incomes have died and left the legacy to their children.

This is the real power of Network Marketing for direct selling companies, because the opportunity attracts the entrepreneurial type of business person who sets out to succeed in a big way, thereby also dramatically increasing the company turnover and of course the bottom line, the company net PROFIT!

Residual income from network marketing INCENTIVES: Other very good reasons why you should consider a career in Network Marketing are the "fringe benefits" or incentives that all Network Marketing Companies offer. These can range from a free car, to paid holidays and the use of a Porsche car as one well known, Telecoms Network Marketing company does in the UK, once certain levels of attainment are reached. Back to Top

The incentives, whether just on a temporary basis or are permanent, will contribute markedly to your lifestyle income.

Residual income from network marketing SOCIAL ASPECT: Granted that perhaps you are reading this page because the money side of it is what initially attracted you to Network Marketing. However, almost everyone desires more in life than just money. Money helps for sure, but many people find once they start Network Marketing the fun and the social aspect, the positive working environment and the sheer freedom and satisfaction of working for themselves, is just as important and rewarding as the increased income is.

Network Marketing provides so much more than simply increasing the lifestyle income. Most distributors become stronger and more confident in themselves and are far happier than just working for a boss. The unique culture of the Network Marketing  industry ensures that people are involved and interactive with other positive and happy participants. Invariably it is the non-financial benefits that keep most people active in Network Marketing.

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Whatever you want out of life the right Network Marketing opportunity can certainly deliver it for you. The ultimate measure of your success will be a stream of residual income for the rest of your life which can even be left to a beneficiary in your will!

Are you a Hard Worker, a Smart Worker or a Net Worker?

What category do you fall into?

Residual income from network marketing Hard Workers: For years people have worked hard at a J O B (Just Over Broke) believing as most people do that working hard and trying to save for the future by paying into a pension fund was the best way to provide for their retirement. Well, along with countless thousands of others, you may have had a rude shock in recent times. Working hard is no longer any surety that you will have even half a decent pension to fall back onto. With billions missing from pension funds around the world, most workers, are facing a very bleak future in their retirement.

Swapping time for money creates a linear income. An income that stops shortly after you stop working. Ask yourself this question; if I was made redundant tomorrow would my income continue to roll in? The answer of course for 99% of us, is a resounding NO. YOUR earnings are directly dependent on your efforts.

No work = NO income Back to Top

Residual income from network marketing Smart Workers: A small percentage of the population works smart to build a residual income which does not stop when they decide to stop work. A good example is the income which can accrue when you build a property portfolio and a stream of income builds up from the rental returns. However for most of us, this is not an option as getting onto the property ladder can be very expensive.

Unfortunately, Smart Workers are in the great minority. Those hardworking individuals that not only put the time and effort into a job or their own small business, and, have wisely invested their savings into property or appreciating assets, may have secured their future from the passive income they have managed to put in place during their lifetime. But nothing in life is guaranteed. With global uncertainty in stocks and shares, property prices plummeting in many countries, there is no longer any certainty, even for the smart workers, there is no guarantee that they will have an adequate cash flow in the future.

Types of Residual Income
Rental:From property investment and the rents
Dividend:Business assets or stocks and shares.
Royalty:Songwriters and Authors patent holders etc.
Bonus Commissions:Paid by Network Marketing companies to the people who build downlines and Marketing Networks

Unfortunately MOST people seriously underestimate the amount of money they need to put aside to provide adequately for their future. Indeed, it is only the foolish, that would not be seriously considering a stream of RESIDUAL INCOME for the future. Residual income is totally different from linear income, because your own individual efforts, are quite independent of your overall future income. This is due to the leveraging or exponential effects of growth and/or inflation, which causes your income to rise with no extra input needed by you.

Residual income from network marketing Net Workers: By far the BEST form of RESIDUAL INCOME, is the type derived from Network Marketing, whereby your income is tied into ever increasing assets, (your Marketing Network Organisation) which ensures it continues to grow exponentially over time. Income streams from royalty income such as writers and patent holders, seldom grow over time. Business assets and rental income certainly can, but rarely do they exceed the increase of the current inflation rate within your country. The simplest and BEST residual income, is derived from Network Marketing. Your asset, the Marketing Network Organisation, should, and will, continue to grow and grow as the leveraging effect of hundreds and then thousands of people in your organisation continue to build their own residual incomes. Back to Top

The best opportunity we have to create an independent stream of income is through Network Marketing and the BEST opportunity in the world is looking YOU in the face... RIGHT NOW

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Occasionally in your life you have the chance to be at the right place at the right time

NOW is the right time!

Residual income from network marketing Network Marketing is growing faster than any other form of distribution

Residual income from network marketing The Direct Selling Association reports that over 15 million people have joined Network marketing organisations in the last two years. Back to Top