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"I love the deodorants as they keep me smelling nice all day - even after I walk and ride to and from my early childhood work!"
"Hello Miessence! I just wanted to say that I have become a fan of your products. Your toothpaste is amazing, it feels good and my teeth feel loved! haha But I have to say that the deodorant is my favourite. Seriously, I had been looking for a natural deodorant that actually worked, and when I tried yours beacuse I had really liked the toothpaste, so said to myself, why not haha and since then I feel great! I only have to use it once in the morning, I have no smelly armpits (sorry for the honesty) and my skin feel really soft! I had NEVER felt so well with a deodorant. Anyway, just wanted to say thank you for you products and for all the love that you put in them."
"I love telling people about this natural deodorant that actually works! It always takes some convincing because no one ever believes me because of experience with other ineffective natural deodorants. Such a great product!"
"I Just wanted to take the time to tell you how great your deodorant is.

I have been using your products for awhile and was previously using another natural brand deodorant which worked ok and just resigned to the fact that I would have to be a bit stinky if I wanted to avoid the chemicals - that is until I tried yours and was so thrilled when it worked so well.

Such simple ingredients and I even use the non-scented one. I bought one for my hubby (Ancient spice which smells like Coca-Cola) and he does a lot of sweating but he says it works better than his conventional deodorant and does not stink at all, even when wearing non natural fiber clothing."
"I recently purchased the aroma-free roll on deodorant and I absolutely love it!

This is the first aluminum free deodorant I have tried and it is very effective. It allows the body to perspire but not smell, which also lasts all day!!

Thank you for such a great product and I look forward to trying out more products from your range."
"Hello, I have just placed my second order for your non perfumed deodorant and want to compliment you on your product.

I have been using it for some time now, but unfortunately found the health shops I frequent no longer stocked the product, hence my ordering online. Of all the non-aliminium deodorants I have tried in the past, yours seems to be the only effective one in the long-run.

Don't know what your secret is, but it works and I really appreciate it. With thanks"