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Miessence FAST weight loss- ACO Certified Organic 

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"I finished my second FAST this week and it wasn't a walk in the park.... but so very worth it and by body has told me so! I lost over 5 pounds. (After losing over 6 with my first FAST) My favorite benefit though......? I feel like stress has melted away and I'm just enjoying extra happiness. Its like nothing can bother me. Love it!!!"
"Finished !! 3 Day FAST. Report: this was hard but it was very worthwhile . My WHY - loose some of that bad belly fat ((visceral fat is the gift of menopause, thank you very much) and decrease my cholesterol ( LDL is slightly elevated ) and cleanse my liver and kidneys. I lost 4 pounds which for me is awesome, but more than that I actually saw my belly fat decrease and my waist is 1.5 inches smaller ( this is s big deal folks, even though it doesn't sound like much). I wasn't hungry during the fast but I had a bad headache for about 24 hours and I was tired. I think I have a lot to detox in my body since this is my first cleanse and I've been eating for 60+ years . I don't really have weight to loose, just belly fat. I have a physical checkup on Monday and am curious if the fast has improved my cholesterol . It may be too early for those kind of results, but regardless , I will do another fast in January to keep up the good work my body is doing. Thanks Narelle for creating this amazing product."
"Not sure whether to believe the scales this morning!?? I was 19.25 stone or 122kg (clothed) when I started.This morning I weighed in at 18.5 stone or 117kg clothed!! Thats a loss of 5kg in three days! Im guessing a lot of it was excess fluid (I leaked like drain pipe all the way through) so how much actuall fat loss that is Im not sure. But Im as tickled as a Trump in a tupee shop!"
"Here is a little summary of my 3 days on FAST.

Day 1: I felt great! I wasn't that hungry. Drank lots of water. Didn't feel any detox symtoms (I don't drink anything caffeinated). Had energy and slept well.

Day 2: Woke up, weighed myself and lost 5lbs. When I see the scale numbers go down it totally motivates me! Started to feel a little cold throughout the day. Felt the hunger pangs but they would go away after I drank a tall glass of water or the FAST drink. Slept great!

Day 3: Weighed myself in the morning again and lost another 2lbs! I felt achy when I woke up, but that went away after I showered. My stomach was off (felt a lot of churning goin on in there) and I had to use the washroom a few times throughout the day. I felt very irritated but not sure if it had to do with the FAST or the few senseless things that happened within the last 20 hours. This morning I weighed myself and lost another 2lbs! So in total I've lost 9lbs doing FAST which is getting me back on track with eating healthy again. I will definitely be fasting more often."

"Once again Narelle has created an Awesome product. For a pure cleansing and detox product it is exactly what I expect it to taste and it taste absolutely fine to me. There are too many fake 'cleansing products' out there and so good to find a truly effective one with this company that tastes as a cleansing product should. I had no problems over the 3 days and didn't even feel super hungry this morning. I lost 2.5kg and feel great. This will be my 3 day FAST every month! Yes, the more bitter it tastes, the more you need it! You can use it as gauge to know that your organs are working better because the taste improves over time. Well done Narelle."
I lost 2.7kgs after finishing my first FAST. And it wasn't water weight according to the scales. I am really chuffed as I have Hashimoto's (Hypothyroid) and moving flab is like moving the globe off its axis. And that's after a shocker migraine at end which I decided I needed to slow deon the detox by eating a small amount of fruit (which helped). If I hadn't done that possibly may have nailed the 3kg.

Will definitely be doing this every month till these excess 20kgs are released back into the wild!

TIPS: 1. Prepare by cooking up some big meals ahead of time for family any way you can to support yourself.

2. If working 5 day week, start Day one on Friday to give yourself weekend for next 2 days on FAST.

3. Fill up 3 x 1Litre bottles of water every day to ensure you keep track of your water intake. I also decide to added squeeze of fresh lemon juice for my morning litre. (thats me though knowing my body quite well).

4. Go to bed EARLY 8pm would be terrific, 8:30pm latest so you let your body do the most regenerative good with what you are feeding it.

5. Give yourself a Tech/social media break and reconnect with nature, go for a gentle walk, sit in your garden and take some sunshine in, watch the clouds, smell flowers, fiddle with some craft (I made heaps of origami stars to contribute to the "Million Stars against Violence Project")

6. Get clear about your WHY you are doing it and make sure its for You. Then back yourself. Let no one interfere with your resolve.

7. Its a great time to tidy up and throw stuff out. All the best! See you here next month when I go again.

"Hi Thought I'd share my experience, having just completed my first 3 day FAST. I wouldn't say I loved the taste but it was okay. I did however find it a bit 'chalky' to drink. I drank plenty of water and herbal teas. I was a little headachy on day one and also loose stools - as opposed to many! - sorry for tmi! I also noticed that in the afternoon and the next day that I was moody - feeling 'angry', and also a bit space-y. I felt hungry most of the time, but would just make myself another cup of herbal tea. At the end of day 3 I can't really say I felt any different. When I weighed myself the next morning I had ditched 2.1kg - not as much as many, but am glad to be rid of it. I found doing it a bit challenging (maybe because it's a new experience) but willing to give it another go in 2 weeks."
"I've done quite a number of fasts in the past on water only. Most of them just short fasts of a day or two to but sometimes up to a week or more to clean my system out. The hardest part of water only fasting is the initial hunger that hits you in the first 48 hours.

Using FAST weight loss I had no problems going three days and could have comfortably done another 24 to 48 hours. Not sure what you have put in the FAST formula that takes the hunger away but the results are brilliant. The first three days saw me lose over 4 kilos. I did a second FAST two weeks later and lost another 3 kilos. 

The weight has never come back on so the product really does do what is claimed. I'm a stone lighter in the old scale (14lb plus) and feel so much better for it. 

Using FAST is going to be a regular occurrence for me from now on.

Highly recommended!"